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Total Commitment to Student Success
  • In-demand career programs
  • Guaranteed transfer to 4-year colleges and universities
  • Internship to get you ahead
  • Highly-qualified faculty
Your success, it's our guarantee. Jackson College's total commitment to student success is our way of saying that in all we do, our focus is on helping the students complete their program of study and succeed. Jackson College has set out to refocus every action and initiative toward student success. Admission representatives guide your early steps to enrollment to help you make a great start. 

All students will work with a student-success navigator. This person will be a resource for academic advising, financial aid, scheduling, and following your progress toward your goal. Guided pathways offer easy-to-understand plans to help you complete an associate's degree. Free tutoring services and study groups can help you pass that tough class. Resources are available at all locations to help students succeed. 

Maybe you weren't a perfect student in high school or it's been a few years since you've been in the classroom. Foundation-studies courses help those not yet ready for college coursework to boost their knowledge in math, reading, and writing. 

Often paying for college is the big hurdle. Jackson College students who qualify, receive financial aid and scholarships. 76% of students receive financial aid from grants or scholarships. The Jackson College Foundation awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to deserving students each year. Help is available. 

When your college experience is complete, the career coach can help you craft a resume and search for a position to fit your major and your dreams. Student success is our commitment. Stop by any location today to learn more or to get started.